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About Oklahoma FFA Foundation      
The Foundation exists to support a culture of excellence in the instruction of science, technology, production, processing and agribusiness as they relate to the field of agriculture.

The Foundation also strives to assist the general public of Oklahoma in understanding the vital and necessary role played by the agriculture, food and forestry industries in the state.

  Our Mission: The Oklahoma FFA Foundation seeks to strengthen Agricultural Education and the FFA so students can develop their potential for personal growth, career success, and leadership. The Foundation strives to provide businesses, associations, private foundations, and individuals the opportunity to contribute to the leadership development programs of the Oklahoma FFA Association through the Oklahoma FFA Foundation.

Executive Director Announcement      
  Jacey Fye, former Agricultural Education Instructor and FFA Advisor, has been named Executive Director of the Oklahoma FFA Foundation. The third individual to hold this title since the organization was founded in 1985. The Foundation exists to assist Oklahoma residents in the understanding, instruction, production and other vital roles played by fields related to agriculture, as well as support FFA students and leadership programs. Read More

Board of Trustees      
The Oklahoma FFA Foundation comprises 30 voting Board of Trustees members. Board meetings are held two times per year - in conjunction with State FFA Convention in the spring and in the fall following National FFA Convention.

Giving Through ACH      
Monthly donations can now be made electronically with an automatic debit from your checking or savings account. Make donations to a permanent trust, pay your annual sponsorship donation or just give to the Foundation on a monthly basis.

Can't decide how much to give regularly? How about $19.28 per month in honor of the year FFA began? Or, $90 per month in honor of FFA's 90th birthday this year? Be as creative as you would like. All donations count and go directly to support the Oklahoma FFA Association and its activities developing youth in agriculture!


Donate Online

How To Give
Donate to Endowment
Please make checks payable to Oklahoma FFA Foundation and mail to: 
Oklahoma FFA Foundation
PO Box 33224
Tulsa, OK 74153
Giving Through ACH

Jacey Fye
Executive Director
(580) 467-7403

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